Japanese Soft Bread Recipe Using Bread Machine

Japanese Soft Bread Recipe

Japanese bread differs from American bread in several ways.

American bread is generally thicker and denser due to longer yeast fermentation. This makes American bread easier to slice and chew. 

However, Japanese soft bread is much softer and fluffier than its American counterpart. The softer texture makes it easier to spread with jam or butter and eat with your hands.

In addition, this softness makes it easy to knead into breads and noodles.

Overall, the light texture of Japanese soft bread makes it easy to mold into different shapes and products.

Making your own Japanese soft bread at home is an excellent way to enjoy this delicious treat.

Naturally leavened Japanese soft bread has a softer texture than regular rolls or Kaiser rolls made in bakeries.

Unlike store-bough

Typical ingredients for making homemade Japanese soft bread include millet flour, water, salt and komekome starter yeast.

First, you'll need to mix millet flour with water in a saucepan over medium heat until the mixture becomes sticky and translucent.

Then, add salt to the mixture and stir well to combine ingredients.

Next, sprinkle komeKey yeast over the surface of the mixture and combine thoroughly using a spoon or your hands.

After that, transfer the mixture into a bowl of filtered water and keep it in a warm place for 12 hours to activate the yeast.

Afterward, transfer the mixture into a bread machine along with your chosen flavoring agent(s).

You can use honey for sweetening or rice flour for lightness or a subtle flavor accent.

A soft, chewy bread made from scratch in a bread machine is a special treat.

Japanese bread is soft, light and fluffy with a delicate texture.

Most importantly, Japanese bread tastes delicious when eaten fresh from the oven.

Most of the time, homemade bread is healthier than store-bought bread because it's not processed or preservative-laden.

Therefore, you'll find that making your own Japanese soft bread at home is even more nutritious than purchasing it.

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