Causes of Hair Damage and How to Repair it fast

Instructions for repairing damaged hair

There are probably many people who want to do something about dry and damaged hair.
Can damaged hair be cured? What should I do ? This time, we will answer such questions.

Can damaged hair be cured ? 

If you are worried about hair damage, isn't this the most important place to worry about?
What is the answer ?
⇒ It cannot be cured, but it can be repaired.
Unfortunately, damaged hair cannot be restored.
Hair, like nails, is said to be a collection of dead cells and has no self-repair function.
Therefore, for beautiful hair, it is most important not to damage it.

However, you can "repair" your hair by using treatments .
Repair is to make up for the damaged part.
In other words, you can't restore it completely, but you can make it look beautiful.

➤ What is damaged hair?

Human hair generally has a three-layered structure of "medulla", "cortex" and "cuticle" from the inside.
The medulla is the core part of the hair, the cortex is the second layer that occupies most of the hair, and contains melanin, which is the source of the blackness of the hair.
And damaged hair is highly likely to have severe damage to the outermost "cuticle" part.

The cuticle is a scale-like layer on the surface of the hair.
This cuticle is tightly attached to protect the inside of the hair and give it a glossy and smooth surface.
However, when the cuticle is damaged, peeled off or turned up, the inner cortex is exposed, and water and protein called "matrix" flow out. As a result, the water retention capacity is reduced, and the hair becomes more and more damaged.

➤ Characteristics of damaged hair

Damaged hair has the following characteristics:

✦ Poor fingering

A cuticle that smoothes the surface of the hair.
When the cuticle is damaged, it becomes difficult to comb through the hair.
It also makes your hair frizzy and tangles easily.

✦ Many split ends and broken hair

If the damage reaches the inside of the hair, the hair will split vertically.
That's what you can do with split ends.
Furthermore, as the hollowing inside the hair progresses, the hair may be cut even with a slight impact.

✦ Color comes off easily

Hair coloring is done by bleaching the "melanin pigment" in the cortex of the hair and adding color to it.
However, if the cuticle is damaged, the ingredients of the hair color will flow out from the gap of the cuticle, and the color will fade faster.

Why is your hair so damaged? What is the cause

So what causes hair damage?
Check to see if you have any of the following:

① Wrong hair care on a daily basis

Some of the hair care you do every day hides the cause of hair damage.

Friction caused by rough rubbing

When you shampoo or dry your hair with a towel, do you end up rubbing it?
The cuticle is actually very delicate. So it should be handled with care.
The cuticle is like an umbrella that opens when your hair is wet and closes when it dries.
As a result, wet, open cuticles are particularly vulnerable, and rubbing them together can cause them to fall apart.

Natural drying of hair

Natural drying is also the cause of hair damage.
Moisture and nutrients continue to flow out from the gaps in the cuticles that are wet and open.
Therefore, if you leave your hair wet, the inside of your hair will gradually dry out and become dry and damaged.
Furthermore, if you sleep on it, the friction between the pillow and wet hair will cause damage to the cuticle.

② Damage caused by heat

hair curling iron straightening iron
High heat can also damage your hair.
This is because protein, which is the main component of hair, is vulnerable to heat, and is said to denature at 180°C for dry hair and 130°C for wet hair.

● Dryer

A hair dryer is necessary every time you wash your hair, but it uses high temperature heat, so it is important to use it well.
Placing the dryer too close to the hair or applying hot air to the same area for a long time can cause damage.

●Hair iron

A curling iron is an essential part of styling your hair.
However, some curling irons can be set at temperatures over 200°C.
So you have to be careful with temperatures that are too high.

③ Ultraviolet rays

UV rays can damage not only your skin but also your hair.
Like high heat, UV light denatures the proteins in your hair.
If the damage progresses further, the inside of the hair may become hollow.

④ Color and perm

Human hair is weakly acidic. Therefore, it is strong against acidity, but weak against alkaline coloring and perming agents.
Chemical treatments such as hair coloring and perming will melt the cuticle.
It is said that one treatment can make your hair thinner by 0.03 mm.

What you can do for damaged hair

As I said at the beginning, damaged hair cannot be restored.
However, you can use hair care items such as treatments to make it look beautiful.
However, it is important to use the treatment correctly in order for it to be effective.
Let's check the points of the treatment to make the hair beautiful.

● Before rinse and conditioner

The timing to use the treatment is after shampoo and before rinse and conditioner.
Treatments have the role of repairing the inside of the hair, and rinses and conditioners have the role of forming a protective film on the surface of the hair and smoothing it.
Therefore, it is important to follow the order of first supplying nutrients to the inside of the hair with a treatment and then protecting the surface of the hair with a conditioner so that the nutrients are not lost.
Think of skin lotion as a treatment, and milky lotion as a rinse or conditioner.

Do not apply to the root
If the treatment is applied all the way to the roots and scalp, it may cause clogged pores and lead to scalp problems.
Treatments are items for conditioning the hair, so they are not necessary for the scalp.
Apply from the middle of the hair to the ends, focusing on areas where damage is likely to occur.

● Mix carefully

Carefully apply the treatment so that the ingredients spread to each strand of hair.
You can also use a hand comb, but if you use a comb with coarser teeth to comb the treated hair, it will be easier to blend evenly.

Special care with a hair mask
It is also recommended to incorporate a hair mask as a special care once or twice a week.
A hair mask is an item that can repair the inside of the hair in the same way as a treatment.
Many products recommend leaving it on for a few minutes and then rinsing it off, allowing the ingredients to slowly penetrate.
If you usually use conditioner, why not add a hair mask to your usual hair care items?

Regular salon treatments
You can easily take care of your hair with commercially available products, but it is easier to feel the effect of the treatment at the beauty salon.
Therefore, by regularly incorporating salon treatments, you will be able to prepare your hair for a better look and smoothness.

How to avoid damaging your hair: Proper hair care

Damaged hair cannot be restored, so it is important not to damage it in the first place for beautiful hair.
Therefore, be aware of proper hair care.

Point ① Shampoo

It's a shampoo that you do casually every day, but depending on how you do it, you can damage it. Check out how to do it right here.

✔ brushing first

Before wetting your hair, brush it first.
Hair gets tangled in your fingers while shampooing, and if you pull it forcibly, it will lead to damage.
You can prevent this tangling by brushing first.
In addition, brushing also has the effect of lifting dirt on the scalp and hair, making it easier to remove when shampooing.

✔ Pre-wash thoroughly

It is said that most of the dirt on the scalp and hair can actually be removed by pre-washing before shampooing.
Pre-wash thoroughly before shampooing, taking about 2-3 minutes until you feel that you are overdoing it.

✔ Lather the shampoo well

Shampoo foam acts as a cushioning material that prevents friction between hairs.
Therefore, it is important to wash with plenty of foam.
First, lather the shampoo in the palm of your hand to some extent and then apply it to your hair to prevent unevenness of the shampoo and make it easier to lather evenly.
For those who are not good at foaming, it is also recommended to use a shampoo that comes out with foam from the beginning.

Point ② Dry

How you dry your hair is very important to prevent damage to your hair.
Wet hair is very delicate and easily damaged.
Wet hair has an open cuticle. Therefore, even a small amount of friction can damage the cuticle.

✔ Towel dry gently and firmly

When towel-drying, hold the hair between the towels instead of rubbing them together to absorb the moisture.
Also, by carefully turning off the moisture here, you can reduce the time of the dryer and prevent unnecessary heat damage.

✔ dry from the root

The order in which you dry your hair is also important. Please dry from the root in order.
By drying from the roots where it is difficult to dry, it becomes easier to dry the entire hair evenly.
If you dry the ends of your hair that tend to dry out first, you may end up overdrying the ends of your hair when you've finished drying the entire area, such as the roots, so be careful.

✔ Note the wind angle

Let's blow the wind of the dryer from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair.
This is because the cuticle extends from the root to the tip of the hair.
If the wind blows against this flow, the cuticle may be lifted and peeled off.

✔ Cold wind at the end

Finally, let's cool the hair with cold air from the dryer.
A properly dry and closed cuticle will keep its shape by cooling with cool air.
This last step is very important to keep your hair beautiful.

Point ③ Styling

When you go to work or go out, there are many people who do styling.
Even then, you can damage your hair.
Let's check that point.

✔ No forced brushing

Avoid forcibly combing tangled hair.
It will cut your hair.
Comb the hair in order from the ends that are prone to tangling, and brush the whole hair cleanly.

✔ Hair iron for dry hair

As I mentioned earlier, wet hair is more sensitive to heat than dry hair.
Therefore, when using a curling iron, please dry your hair first.

✔ Pay attention to the temperature of the curling iron

Use a curling iron at a temperature that is not too hot.
Some can be set to temperatures over 200°C, but we recommend using them at around 150°C.
Also, if you are not used to using a curling iron, you tend to put the curling iron on your hair for a long time. In such a case, it is better to use it at a slightly lower temperature.

✔ Apply styling product

At the end of styling, it is also a point to use a styling agent.
Styling agents that contain oil coat the surface of the hair, keeping the hairstyle in place and preventing the hair from drying out.
Use wax or hair oil according to the hairstyle of the day.

Point ④ Perm & color

Perms and colors, which are indispensable for fashion, should be taken in while thinking about your hair.

✔ Be careful not to overdo it! In moderation

Be careful not to overdo perms and hair colors that can affect your hair.
It looks beautiful, but it will damage the inside of your hair to some extent.
Let's enjoy thinking about hair damage.

✔ Retouch only

You can reduce damage by only retouching the roots instead of coloring the entire hair every time.
If you want to completely change your hair color, use the whole color, and if you want to keep the same hair color as before, retouch.
It is recommended to change the method of color like that.

✔ Treatment together

When you have your hair colored at the beauty salon, be sure to ask for a treatment together.
At the same time as hair damage care, it also leads to improved color retention.

Point ⑤ UV protection

In order not to damage the hair, UV protection is also important.
There are also sunscreen sprays for hair on the market.
Use hats and parasols to protect your hair from UV rays.

Point ⑥ Lifestyle habits

In fact, lifestyle habits are greatly involved in healthy hair that does not feel damaged.

✔ Diet

A person's body, skin, and hair are made up of nutrients obtained from food.
Therefore, for healthy hair, you need to pay attention to an unbalanced diet
Especially for hair, it is said that you want to actively take in protein, which is the main component of hair.
You can get it from meat, seafood, soy products and eggs.
We also recommend vitamin B2, which is said to help create healthy hair.
You can get it from liver, eel, and almonds.

✔ Sleep

For beautiful hair, it is also important to secure a proper sleep time.
This is because growth hormones are secreted during sleep.
In addition, it is said that getting enough sleep at the same time every day facilitates the secretion of growth hormone.
Make sure you have regular sleep habits.

I'm worried about damaged hair no matter what I do! At times like that

I've tried various things myself, but I'm worried about damaged hair.
In such a case, it is one hand to cut the damaged part decisively.
If only the less damaged areas are covered, the whole hair will look fine.
Also, if you ask your hairdresser to treat the split ends, the texture will be better and you will be less likely to worry about damage.
Why don't you consult with a professional beautician once?
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